What a dumb thing to do. Capricorn about all the reckless things fire signs tend to do (via zodiacquotes)

thenobrageneration: Why does everyone misconstrue capricorns to be passive, boring non-risk takers?


Well they aren’t passive at all, calm yes. Because they are a cardinal sign they are action-oriented and is an initiator but they tend to be calculated in their actions. They plan things out while Aries jumps into things by impulse. Libra reacts to things, and Cancer acts based on their emotions. Risk and Capricorn are not associated with each other at all but they are not boring by any means. Capricorn is associated with humor, wit, crystallization, death, music, survival, and finances. A lot of Capricorn’s like dark topics and are naturally entertaining. 

small personal rant/humblebrag?

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modeling songs//the face

TiK ToK - ke$ha 

shut up & let me go - ting tings

do you ever wish some people would just fade into the Unknown , like not DIE die but just..die.

I think it comes from playing the Sims where you can just delete people from the world.  And I wish I could do that to real humans.  Just the ones from the past.